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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We strive to keep your personal information confidential. By ensuring that you are aware of and understand the Computer Locators Privacy Policy, we can provide you with better service. Please take a moment to read the following policy to learn how we handle your personal information.

Reuse of Customer Data
Computer Locators will not sell or disclose any of your personal information to any other person or for-profit or non-profit entity. However under certain, exceedingly rare situations, Computer Locators may be required by law or legal process to disclose your personal information.

How we collect personal information
We collect information about you when we ask for your contact information when you correspond with us, contact us to make a purchase or request quotations or service, or ask to be included in an email mailing list. We then collect and store the information you provide in a secure database.

How we protect your personal information
Computer Locators safeguards the security of the data you send us with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. We urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. Change your passwords often, use a combination of letters and numbers, and make sure you use a secure browser.

Collecting other personal information
When you browse the Computer Locators website, you are able to do so anonymously. We don’t collect personal information when you browse, however we do collect generalized, non-personal information such as browser type, referring search engines, type of computer and operating systems as well as site-wide traffic patterns.

We track website traffic to help us determine your interest in particular topics and measure the effectiveness of our advertising and customer communications.

Our companywide commitment to privacy
To make sure your personal information remains confidential, we communicate these privacy guidelines to every Computer Locators employee and all companies that collect personal information and marketing data as agents on behalf of Computer Locators.

The Computer Locators Customer Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. We encourage you to review the privacy policy regularly for any changes.

Quotation and Sales Terms:

TERMS AND DISCLOSURES REGARDING COMPUTER LOCATORS, INC. (CLI) AND DIGICOMP TECHNOLOGIES, CAGE CODE 0USU9.  All quoted items and sales are subject to the following terms and conditions:  Minimum Order is $250.  No cash refund - exchange or credit only.  90 day warranty unless otherwise specified.  Items delivered to you by CLI must be examined within 7 days of receipt.  RMA numbers must be obtained from CLI for any returns.  If not our error, a 50% restocking fee applies to special order items; 25% restocking fee for all other items. Past due accounts are subject to a late charge of 1.5% per month.  Payment terms are prepay unless otherwise specified.  

QUOTED REPAIR AND PROCUREMENT ITEMS:  All items are offered EXW Newbury Park CA, subject to prior sale, clerical error, and offered in commercial New Surplus (NS) condition unless otherwise noted.  CLI certifies NS visually as to kind, count, condition, and identification number with our C of C only. Unless specifically noted, we do not offer 8130 certification or any other trace documentation to prior government ownership or original OEM procurement.

REPAIR METHODOLOGY: CLI effects in house repair of obsolete and unsupported items via reverse engineering at the component level. CLI is not an FAA 145 repair station and offers no government or OEM trace, certification, test beds, schematics, technical orders or manuals. If OEM support is available to end user, it should be considered primary repair option. There is no guarantee of repair; items ultimately deemed non-repairable will be assessed BER charge in lieu of repair charge.

EXPORT ORDERS, MUNITIONS LIST ITEMS (MLI), AND COMMERCE CONTROLLED LIST ITEMS (CCLI):  This quote may include items that require licensure from the U.S. Department of State and/or Commerce. Buyers are responsible for compliance to applicable export regulations.  Quoted items are subject to the provisions of law of the Arms Export Control Act (22 USC 2751 et seq.) and other applicable International and U.S. laws, orders, acts, agreements and regulations.